Let me give a little background...I'm 31 and have been training for about 10 years now with decent results. During the winter I tend to put on more bodyfat. Right now I'm 6' 177lbs. with 17% bodyfat. My goal is 170-175lbs. at 4-5% bodyfat. That would mean loosing 23 lbs. of fat and gaining 16 lbs. of muscle. Over a 12 week period would this diet help me accomplish my goals?

15 calories per pound
2655 Calories, 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% fat.
That would mean around 265g of protein and 265g of carbs.

Over 6 meals...500-700 calories for breakfast and after training and 300-400 over the other 4 meals. All protein/carbs/fat divided appropriately.

I will also be adding about 4 days of treadmill work at about 30 minutes before breakfast. Training 3 days each week.

Also I will be adding a good whey protein, fat burner and some andro products. I don't really care for creatine, I always felt it added "weight" only and felt somewhat bloated.

What are your thoughts on this diet and suppliments. Other suppliment suggestions would be appreciated.