Ive been trying new things and getting creative with my grub lately, so I figured I would lay out a few that I tried with the new Novus Bar as a snack-dessert. Great thing about many of these...they add little to no extra carbs and provide a tasty dessert style way to pack a bunch more protein and good fats (and calories).

Frozen Novus
Throw the bar in the freezer, remove and eat! Works great with the Mint, though it may take a few minutes to chill to a "chewable" bar. Easy.

Iced Novus Brownie
Good both frozen and regular! Take 1-2 scoops of your fav. protein and put in a bowl. Slowly add water and stir until the protein is a consistency you like (syrupy). Pour over the Novus and eat with a fork. Chocolate protein works well for both Novus flavors and Cinnamon-Bun Ive found works awesome on the Cookie Dough.

Novus Sludge Bar
Nom Nom Nom. Using Scivations "sludge" recipe. Take a serving of natty PB (2 Tbs, 32g, etc. or to taste.), add two scoops of protein, slowly mix water to proper consistency and either pour over Bar and eat or dip!. You can also pour over the Novus on a plate and throw the plate in the freezer for about 10 minutes to really thicken it up nicely. Try vanilla protein, chocolate, cinnamon, etc.

Just a few options Helps with any "cheat" cravings I may have on a cut, and could be a fun way to add up some cals on a bulk.

Give em a shot! Sorry I dont have any pics...they didnt last on the plate long enough to remember to grab a camera. Maybe in the next few days.