I received my order yesterday. The UPS folks took their own sweet time, but was the wait ever worth it. I tried a Novus Cookie dough bar for a snack in the afternoon. My only mistake was trying to eat it too close to lunch, those things are huge compared to others. I really enjoyed the bar, next time I try the mint.

I finished off the last of my nasty whey product pre-workout. The Opticen Chocolate was my pwo drink. While more than I am used to drinking pwo, it was fantastic. Thick and sweet, but not too sweet. I will have to be careful or I will use it up too quickly.

I finished the evening with some Nitrean. I have missed the smooth flavor of Nitrean Vanilla. It was a great way to end the day.

Chris, Daniel and the gang, Thanks for such great products. I was a prodigal, but am back to stay.