Your raw squat program helped me phenomenally in my upcoming meet. My numbers went for squat... 390, 430 (5 LB PR) 440 (15 lb PR). Before this my best squat in a meet was 395, though that was almost a year ago (though in the same weight class, 90 kgs). 440 was SOLID too. 445 or 450 were definitely a possibility. I approached the bar with a lot more confidence because of the rep work, and I'll be doing at least another cycle or two in the coming months.

Bench went allright. The judging was very, very strict on this. The pause looked longer than other raw federations, you were not allowed to move your feet or head once the lift began (which they were calling people on), and you had to wait for three commands - "start," which was after the hand off, "press," and "rack." the "start" command was a new one. I got called on my second lift of 280 because I sort of "levered" the weight up, i.e. pressed up with one elbow, then the other, near my sticking point. And I moved my feet apparently. Made the third attempt fine though.

For deadlift I did 490, 535 (5 lb PR), and 551! I NAILED 551 too, to the point where I asked for a fourth attempt to see if I could break any records but they weren't doing that that day. I'm pretty convinced that I was good for 565 or 570 or something. I'll get the vids up soon.

Oh and I'd also like to thank Sgt. ROCK for some deadlift advice too -- I used a way narrower stance this time, which I think helped significantly. I definitely out deadlifted several guys who were in much higher weight classes than I was.