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Thread: How many sets per muscle?

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    How many sets per muscle?

    Goal: size, hypertrophy

    How many sets can I do per muscle? I know chest and biceps would be different. I tried searching and all I could find were journal entries. What would be an ideal amount of sets per muscle? I understand Back/legs/chest would be different than shoulders/traps/bis/tris.

    Thanks guys

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    That would depend on a few different things like your routine, diet, recovery, etc... Post up your lifting routine and go from there.
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    As ELmx479 says, it can vary hugely between individuals. Genetics, natural recovery rate, sex, diet etc etc.

    As you say, in general larger bodyparts can withstand more volume. Chest, Back, Legs are good examples of larger bodyparts and triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs are good example of smaller bodyparts.

    When I trained with a muscle group split I tended to do about 6 sets for chest, 6-9 for back and legs, 6 for shoulders, biceps and triceps and 6 for abs.

    You'll only get a true feel for what's right though with personal experimentation. For example, I found I wasn;t getting stronger on bench, so I just decided not to train shoulders for a while and my bench went up! Clearly my recovery rate seems to be quite long and training shoulders was just getting in the way of chest recovery etc.

    Try some different things. At the end of the day what gets you the biggest and strongest will be right for you

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