The Ronnie Coleman Classic
Kings of Bench III was off the ****ing chain.

Lets rewind first. I landed in Dallas at 1130 pm. After a 30 min cab ride to the hotel I get to the hotel and throw on my sweat suit and head to the gym b/c i still had 6lbs to cut. In the bed at 2am. 630 comes pretty quick and run down to the scale and i was still 2.5 over. Turned the shower on steamed up the room and sat for 45 mins in the hot bath room. 745 am I hit the official scale for weigh ins at a lean 224 baby. 1lb under. Back to the hotel for some food and hydration. Laid back down from 9 to 945 got dressed and headed down to the meet site. Meet started on time and the race was on. Jesse Squatted 6, 7, 750 and they juiced him on 800 but what ever.

started with some good warm ups on the bench.
after a long rest and waiting for the flight before us to end i took 315 again for the hell of it.

Attempts as they went
350 just to get use to the start command which was new for me.
400 easy
450 was so fast i almost lost control of it.
this is also the time Rene joined in.

His next weight was 480
I went 490 and smoked it.
Rene Does 500
I had to jump to 510 b/c a tie I still lose b/c he is lighter than me. i had trouble coming off the chest, i think i was still holding back from this pec pull. 2nd attempt was the same. So i finished with 490.

Rene hit his 510 then 520 and staled out at 530.

All in all I am happy with the day. I cut weight on a same day weigh in and made weight. Start/Press/Rack Commands and not really getting to eat all day plus first raw meet ever.