My training routine is basically the one described in Ed Coan's book except for some twitches in the squat and deadlift days due to a lack of proper equipment in my garage. My bench is 135kilos, deadlift is pretty much a guess since I didnt pull a single max from the floor in quite some time now, but I hit a deficit deadlift of 215kilos a month ago. The squat is a work in progress as Im spending some time figuring technique and focusing on hitting depth. I did a double with 160kilos last week but Im pretty confident I got much more in me.

Here's my short term goals:
Squat: 180
Bench: 140
Deadlift: 220

I'll take a shot at those numbers within a month.

If you got any questions or advices and tips please let me know.

17/04: Bench

Bench press: warmup then 110kgx7
Close grip bench press: 90kgx8
Incline press: 80kgx5; 85kgx5

18/04: Shoulders

Press behind the neck: warmup than 75kgx5x2
Side raises: 22kgx8x2
Front raises: 12kgx8x2
External rotations

19/04: Deadlift

Rack pulls from the knee: warmup in 5s,3s then workp up to 255kg
Bent over rows from the floor: 95kgx5x2
Pull-ups: 6x2
Reverse flies: 10-12X2

20/04: Light bench day

Bench press: 2 sets of a lot of repetitions
Flies: 2 sets of 10
Pushdowns: 3 sets
Dips: BW+15kgsx5x2
Bis: 10x2