Hey, it's been a while.

I'm looking at starting WBB3, but it seems strange to me to have specific rep targets to failure (instead of a range). It seems like it would be difficult to nail that rep number every time. I'm used to not working to failure, and to targeting a range (say 6-8 reps).

For example, in WBB3, you're supposed to fail immediately after the 6th rep on the first set and 10th rep on the second set. Those are awfully specific goals.

What should your strategy be if you miss the rep target in this routine? If you still have gas left after the sixth rep, for example, should you:

A) stop your set (leaving gas in the tank), raise the weight and try another set to reach failure after 6

B) still take your set to failure (however many reps it takes) and plan to adjust the next week. Move on to your set of 10.

C) Finish your set to failure (say you get 11 reps .. way off from your target), call a mulligan on the first set and try to get 6 reps again with a heavier weight?

(for any answer, please recommend a threshold .. for example if I'm aiming for 6 reps, the correct response is probably different if I get 15 reps compared to 7 reps. Where do you draw the line?).