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Thread: Gaining Muscle Mass the Easy Way

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    Gaining Muscle Mass the Easy Way

    Gaining Muscle Mass the Easy Way by Chris Mason

    Heard of the term ‘it’s not rocket science’? If you really, truly want to gain weight all you need do is follow the basic principles Chris outlines in this article and you’ll soon be packing an extra 20-30lbs of solid mass.

    Discuss and Enjoy!


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    this is an excellent article.
    i've been reading a lot of articles in different magazines and at the end of the day, most are full of BS.
    keeping it simple to proven and tried methods (as mentioned in the article) is hands down the best way to gaining size.
    don't believe all the gimmicks and fancy terms out there, just do as this article says

    my personal problem is the eating thing. i eat but not nearly enough. i find eating to be a pain in the butt.

    thanks for writing!
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    I like it a lot too. I've recommended that article for reading to a lot of the new guys here. But I wonder what Chris would think of that article today?

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    I like the simplicity of it. I remember when I was 17 I wrote an article for under the teen section titled "Back to the Basics" or something along those lines. It was very basic and to the point about what younger guys should be looking to do.

    it definitely rivals Chris' article, but I was never specific about reps. What I like about this article is the mention of repetitions and how it's not a necessity to "GO TO THE MAX" each set.

    I have been training like this for a few weeks now, albeit sporadically. I like being able to get into the gym multiple times per week, and with a condensed training routine I feel like I can hit bodyparts a few times a week. It's a stimulus for the muscles, and I think getting in the gym multiple times per week for each bodypart is beneficial (given ample rest, and not taking it to failure each time).

    The idea of stimulating your muscles more often is definitely one of the ideas that I loved about DC training (Don't think that I have given up on my belief of DC OffRoad!!!)

    Consistency is the key to success within this sport...

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