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Thread: Muscle confusion overrated?

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    Muscle confusion overrated?

    So I like to browse for ****s and giggles. And if something interesting comes up and I want REAL information, I come here

    So, is muscle confusion overrated? Say I'm on a routine for a year but I'm on a crappy diet. I end up plateauing. If I started to eat MORE, my lifts go up, yes? Weight moves weight?

    The reason I'm asking is I have a really nice routine going which I like and it kicks my ass but I don't want to switch it up. I don't like change
    So. Is this whole, "change routine every couple months" idea the real deal?

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    There was a thread on this recently. It is exaggerated. You don't need a drastic change like switching to a new routine completely. Eating a bit more, or changing up the rep/set scheme temporarily, or even deloading or taking a week off is all one needs. Small changes make a difference.
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    *While on the topic of muscle confusion, and how often a routine needs to be changed.*

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    Yup, nockits hit it on the head. Changing up sets/reps is enough to change up a routine.

    I change my routines more often because I'm the type of person who gets bored doing the same thing for weeks on weeks, but my reasoning has nothing to do with muscle confusion
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