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Thread: Wanna be big 1.1

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    Wanna be big 1.1

    I've been doing the wanna be big 1.1 plus alotta cardio. I just recently finished the third week and i wanna put up some pictures for feedback.
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    those were the before starting photos
    here are the ones after week 3
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    keep at it. the results are going to come in the long run. you'll look back a few years down the road and be like "damn".
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    Personally I do see some difference now. You look like you have cut some excess weight. Keep at it and you will be looking great in no time.

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    Yea dude if you keep it up with the weights and cardio your gonna look back at those pictures in 6 months and just be like wow...
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    Can definitely see you lost some of your stomach- keep it up like everyone else said

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    I don't see that much muscle gain... Probably about as much as you can expect in 3 weeks.

    But you've lost a hell of a lot of weight, so props to you on that

    Just how much cardio were you doing?
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    Thanks for all the comments. I went from doingg no cardio besides basketball to a mile a dayy plus basketball 3 to 4 times a week... I didn't expectt much muscle gain, but my overall looksss have increased as well as how I'm feeling.. I wasn't going to postt pictures, but I wanted to make sure I'm off to the right start. I was thinking about bulking from 170 to 200 but I'm trying to keep it tone for the summer nd get my body fat down then by the middle of summer I'm going to go on a bulk

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