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Thread: Heavy weight on bench

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    Heavy weight on bench

    It seems to me I have trouble getting up heavy weight for reps. My max on bench is somewhere around 350. I can put on 275 and normally get it about 10 times. 295 about 5 times...but when I put on 315 the first rep is normally pretty easy but the second and third is another story. Its like after my first rep all my energy or something goes down hill fast and its hard to get anymore. Maybe my bench form is wrong, which I don't think. Maybe a need to train differently....or maybe its just part of it. any tips?

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    I'd imagine it's a training style question. I'm very much the same way.. my max right now is probably 300ish, and I can put up 225x10 pretty easily, but once I get to like 265-270 I can do 1 easily, just hammer it right out.. but when it comes to the second or third rep I really struggle. Just don't seem to have much muscle endurance for the heavier weights.

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