A week ago i started with the Starting Strength program and also taking a stricter diet. Now, i have been overweight for a big part of my life and i have tried a lot of diets and they were always hard and very strict. This "diet" however, i really enjoy. What i mean is i make things which are really nice in my opinion and i have the idea i might be eating not clean enough food. So could you maybe have a look and see if i am on the right track or if i need to adjust things. This is what i just had for lunch:

Two pieces of chicken thigh, diced and fried in olive oil.
4 pieces of wholemeal bread
4 Tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese
Around 200 grams of lettuce

In my opinion i have protein, carbs and fat in this with some fibre added by the lettuce. Is this right or is this way too much? According to some calculations i did with a formula (dont know the name) i could eat 3500 calories to maintain. I eat 5-6 meals a day. Would this be a good lunch?