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Thread: A Mans Guide to Getting His Woman In Shape

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    A Mans Guide to Getting His Woman In Shape

    A Mans Guide to Getting His Woman In Shape by Dr. John Berardi

    Guys, lets face the facts. If you plan on spending the better part of your life banging away at the iron, youre going to want your woman to join in on the fun.

    Not only will she enjoy the benefits that come along with fitness - you'll also benefit from having a hot chick on your arm!

    In this article, John Berardi shares some strategies for helping your woman get into the best shape of her life by exercising and eating right.

    Discuss and enjoy and let us know how you get on dropping this into conversation with your girlfriend

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    Some good stuff here.

    The part about going out to eat is right on, my wife always tries to order some full size entree, unfortunately she shouldnt be eating with the big boys unless she wants to weigh as much as one.

    I emailed it to my wife, probably will piss her off, then again we have been married 3 years, what doesnt?
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    My wife will love this article.
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    Incredibly patronising, but lots of good information. The tone of voice in the "order your woman a smaller plate of food" section is quite amusing. All good advice though.

    Just a minor point, but there's a spelling mistake there too:
    "First, when at restaurants, ask if theyll accommodate small potion sizes." I'm guessing its meant to be portion, unless eye-of-newt and virgin's blood is some new secret to weight-loss.

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    where have you been its the latest thing

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    that girls has terrible form on several exercises. i would think john berardi would focus on quality over quantity. i understand the idea behind the exercises is to get the heart rate up, but if performed incorrectly, injury can and will happen.

    good guidelines. should be followed by both men and women.

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    I'm getting my girlfriend into the whole weightlifting/eating better thing.

    It gets kind of annoying when she asks me what I've eaten all day (which is usually peanut butter sandwiches, tuna, protein shakes, fruit, and vegetables), and then she gets mad because she thinks she's eating worse (which she is).

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