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Great stuff in here man - where you guys moving to? The first thing Becky said about our storage unit was, "That looks suspiciously like Wild Iron" haha.
Thanks Ben. We're moving to a commercial space near SJ airport. It's 840 sq ft, so more than 4 times the size of my garage. It's all happened super fast. We just started training in my garage in October or November. I figured that'd be OK for a year. A lot of the early workouts were just 2 or 3 of us. Now we have 6-10 lifters per workout, and there's just not enough room or equipment. We've had to tell 4 lifters we don't have room for them yet, and they're waiting for us to move to start training with us.

It's funny since when we trained at Gold's gym it was difficult to get people to train with us. Now that we've organized, have a team name, train at our own place, etc people are coming out of the woodwork to train with us.