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Thread: Belt while squatting and deadlifting

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    Belt while squatting and deadlifting

    Would it make more sense to use more weight when squatting and deadlifting and use a belt or to not use a belt and use less weight?

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    If you can lift a healthy amount of weight with good form and keeping your belly pushed out to add assistance to the lift, then you don't need a belt.

    Weight and the belt should have virtually no correlation between the two.
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    I think its ok to use a belt. Even Mark Rippetoe in his book says you will not LOSE core strength when you use a belt....if he says its ok, then its ok for me.

    I use a belt on ALL my heavy squat sets...reason being is that I have had back problems in the past and to me its not worth the risk of ****ing my back up again. Sure, you can still **** it up using a belt...but if you have good form + a belt, your odds are a lot lower of having an injury IMO.

    I was actually using it on warm up sets when I was rehabbing back but now I just use it on heavy sets. I would take it off on your warm up sets and only use it on heavy sets to start out..then you can gradually phase it out 1 set at a time.

    Actually before I ****ed my back up, I did it by feel..when I was doing starting strength and squatting heavy 3 times a week, I would use it only on my last set because I was extremely fatigued.

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    I squat with a belt on, but I deadlift without it. If you can lift more then by all means, use it. Just keep that in mind it won't protect you from injuries.

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