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Thread: Speaking of Calves... (Charles Poliquin)

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    Speaking of Calves... (Charles Poliquin)

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Poliquin
    Speaking of Calves ...

    Q: I have the calf development of a parrot. Got a new routine I can use?

    A: Here's a quick and dirty solution:

    1. Start at the standing calf-raise machine, eight reps with a two-second pause at the bottom of each rep.

    2. Rest 10 seconds.

    3. Load a barbell with about 25% of your body weight. Hold it in a squat position and, with minimal knee bend, jump up and down, bounding with the calves on each rep. Do this for 30 reps. The eccentric damage caused by the landing will favor hypertrophy.

    4. Repeat the superset four more times.

    If that doesn't make your calves grow, nothing will!
    what do ya'll think of this? (the jumping up and down thing to stimulate eccentric damage).

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    if you wanted to isolate your calves by doing that you would have to lock in your joints pretty much, otherwise the weight would transfer to many other parts of the body, and even then to keep the joints locked it will still be distributed to a degree. I think it sounds pretty dumb. Never tried it, probably never will.

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    High rep work does seem to work for calves, although jumping up and down with a barbell might be tough on your knees. Why not just do a superset with some weighed work and then high rep BW work?

    Walking under load is a great way to train calves as well. I have not done a single calf raise in probably 2 years and have good lower leg development just from strongman training (keg carries, olympic lifting, tire flips, yoke walk, sled drags, etc.)
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    It sounds like he's trying to come up with a new lift to hit the soleus, but IMO you're better off using the bent-leg calf machine for that. You can do the jumping method on there if you want, it'll be safer and you'll get more ROM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samadhi_smiles View Post
    what do ya'll think of this? (the jumping up and down thing to stimulate eccentric damage).

    Sounds pretty dangerous to me.

    What happens if you fall and land in a sitting position with the bar still on your neck?

    And as was already said it sounds harsh on the knees.

    I wouldn't do it.

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    yeah it just sounded weird

    not sure what the best way to train calf is though, I usually just 3 sets 5-8 reps standing/3 sets 5-8 reps seated (alternate which comes first each time I do it)

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