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Thread: Metabolic Conditioning

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    Metabolic Conditioning

    Recently I've been introduced to something called Metabolic Conditioning otherwise known as "MetCons". Basically what they are is compound movements superset for time. Example: Snatch s/s Handstand Pushups 21-15-9 rep scheme for time or Deadlift 225lbs 30 reps for time

    you can find alot of great ideas of metcons @

    My question to you guys, Is there anyone else out here that's been doing this type of training for a long period of time? What are benefits of training like this? It's more or less like sprinting with weights, your heart is beating so hard and your lungs are working hard as well, and you really have to battle fatigue.

    Do you think this type of training is OK for long periods of time? Or is it too demanding and possibly have a negative effect (start breakin your body down).

    Currently I do 3 days of MetCons a week usually 2 per day
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    Hey there aormz, great question.

    I too am doing some stuff like this recently. I have been doing some EDT training which isn't quite the same, but it still gets you blowing hard.. Basically super setting compound movements for 10 mins straight and trying to improve on weight and volume each week.

    In general also my routine has me doing much more volume, higher reps and only 90 seconds trict rest between sets which is very tough. For example tonight (if my back holds out) I have....

    6 x 10 backsquat
    5 x 10 chins
    4 x 6 squat and push press
    3 x 10 single leg squats
    2 x 10 dips

    This is a killer of a workout and I feel like dropping to the floor after the backsquats alone (2 weeks ago we were working on 5 x 15)

    I think you basically just have to pay attention to your body and also remind yourself why you are doing it. My main focus at the moment is getting lean and increasing endurance whilst still being able to strength train so this fits the bill perfectly. Sure, I could probably train differently if strength was number one, but I care more about being lean, fit and healthy right now.

    I definately think it's physically demanding and no matter how you train, a nice week off every 3 months or so does the world of good - if only mentally.

    Keep up the hard work

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    I did CrossFit WODs for about three months. It was a blast.

    It all depends on your goals but two a day can be pretty demanding. Why don't you ask yourself why you do it? Don't you feel good after the workout? Isn't your heart beating after you pack up and leave the gym?

    If you're training for body building or power lifiting I think some met con worked in can only help you unless it leads to over training. Listen to your body after all.

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    What sort of other training do you do? If you're 3 days of metcon is all you're doing you don't have to worry about doing too much. Twice a day, though, might be a little overkill.
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