Recently I've been introduced to something called Metabolic Conditioning otherwise known as "MetCons". Basically what they are is compound movements superset for time. Example: Snatch s/s Handstand Pushups 21-15-9 rep scheme for time or Deadlift 225lbs 30 reps for time

you can find alot of great ideas of metcons @

My question to you guys, Is there anyone else out here that's been doing this type of training for a long period of time? What are benefits of training like this? It's more or less like sprinting with weights, your heart is beating so hard and your lungs are working hard as well, and you really have to battle fatigue.

Do you think this type of training is OK for long periods of time? Or is it too demanding and possibly have a negative effect (start breakin your body down).

Currently I do 3 days of MetCons a week usually 2 per day