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Thread: so I'm fat and want to work on technique

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    so I'm fat and want to work on technique

    Will doing a lighter load with one of the WBB progams for the first few months with cardio be a decent start to cutting some of the excess before I turn to a bulking cycle? I figure that gives me time to sort out techniue issues and drop a few pounds (I'm looking to drop about 20lbs, obviously not in the first 2 months but over the course of the next 6 months/1 yr). Also everyone just says "I do abs after", any suggestions on what might make a good ab routine.

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    Yeah man a little recomp might be a good idea. In the beginning you could get away with chipping away at the fat and adding some muscle. Thats the approach i took and did it with success. Just eat around your maintenance calories stick to the compounds and get a feel for them. And throw in some cardio around 3 times a week. I would give HIIT a try. As for abs stick to weight decline crunches and throw in 1 or 2 others like hanging leg raises.

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    Sure, if you are going to start bulking later, then a lighter load (still same set/rep scheme though) would be a good idea. there are a couple options to this, 20lbs can be lost easily, even in 2 months, it's just a matter of maintaining it.
    you can check your diet. eat a clean and healthy diet (no pop, sugars, pastas, junk food, etc.). also, like mcdonough mentioned, some cardio, especially HIIT would be ideal. once you cut down, increase your calorie intake (still eat a clean diet though, or that fat will come right back), and lift heavy!
    good luck!
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