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Thread: need some advice

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    need some advice

    Alright first off.
    Im 16. I am a sophmore going to be a junior next year
    About 5'8''ish 180 pounds about 18% bf
    I play football for my high school and I used to play fullback which is my love.
    haha but my coach is moving me to offensive guard this year(he says to pull out and lead block for the new offense?)

    I know I am not big for this position but I guess I'm strong for my size? bench 275 now and squat 415 atf with wraps.

    But to the point idk if I should bulk up to 205 over the summer and just be fat as a blimp because I am already fat

    Or cut my fat and try a lean bulk to say 190ish and be in the best shape and speed

    just an opinion I need to know how I should train ?

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    just keep eating alot.

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    eat lift run and do what your coaches tell you to...

    at 16 it is asinine for you to try and outthink your coaches

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