"History will no doubt record Ken Wilber as one of the greatest philosphers of all time." The man is a genius but that isn't what I want to discuss. Wilber is also a serious weightlifter and cites some very interesting research: scientists have found that using the 10 biomarkers that measure youth and vitality weightlifting/strength training affects ALL 10 biomarkers positively and in a rapid manner. Yoga affects only 3 biomarkers positively and that is a cumulative, long-term effect. Running and jogging affects ALL 10 biomarkers NEGATIVELY. Muscles, it seems, are the engine of youth and vitality.

Why is this of interest to me? Well, I have an indolent and malignant cancer. Because it is indolent I do not need treatment now but may in the future if it gets aggressive. Being a fan of Wilber I heard him talking about the benefits of weightlifting in an interview. Wilber truly is The Man. Not only a respected intellectual and academic but the man is considered a mystic in his own right. He is a serious person and I took what he said about weightlifting seriously. If you are interested look for him on amazon.com

Later I found that weightlifting is recommended to those on chemo or have just completed chemo because weightlifting seems to help cancer patients recover quicker. I decided "why wait for chemo" and started seriously training with weights. I found out yesterday that my counts are way down. Good news. No treatment (chemo) needed now.

I wanted to share this information with you to let you know that no matter what the yoga practitioners and runners say weightlifting is the superior exercise and also to let others who may have cancer or know of someone who does that weightlifting may be of help.