It's been about 3 months since I tore my hamstring and I've started to train deadlift again. I been getting active release done on it and it feels almost normal but not as stable as my other hamstring. Before I tore it I was a 650 raw DLer. I want you guys to critique what I'm doing... I'm sure I'm doing lots wrong.

Pre training:
Dynamic stretches for about 10-15 mins

  • Everything feels light but I still back off on the reps as I go heavier regardless
  • I lift fast/explosively with overhand grip like I would normally
  • I do a little dynamic stretching in between sets

135lbs 12x3 (reps x sets)
185lbs 8x3
225lbs 6x1
295lbs 3x1

Seated leg curl (usually super set to SLDL):
light weight for 12-15 reps, 5 sets

315lbs 3x3

Leg ext:
light weight for 12-15 reps, 5 sets

Post training:
Walking / Light static stretches

Diet: Cutting, low carb, low fat, adequate protein.

I appreciate any advice!