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Thread: Louie Simmons doesn't know what he is talking about!

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    Louie Simmons doesn't know what he is talking about!

    Well, I didn't say that but this is the story that happened today. It's kind of long but here I go...

    I train at a local community center nearby my house, and it has enough equipments and plates for me to do most stuff that I need. I've been seeing this guy come in for a year now. He looks like he is about 50~60 years old and he claims that he used to a bodybuilder when he was younger. He is pretty big, so at first I took this as a great opportunity to get some feedback on my training and other stuff. I'm not exactly that dumb, so I found out pretty much everything he says is complete bull**** and makes no sense whatsoever. After a while, I also found out that what he does for a living is to scam high school kids that come to the gym by making them pay 20 dollars per session, and make them go through a bunch of bull**** circuit training using machines only (zero posterior chain work), assisted bicep curls, dumbbell rows, pull ups and a bunch of exercises that I have honestly never seen before. All exercises done to failure, tons of negatives and forced reps. Whenever he sees me benching/squatting/deadlifting, he talks to his clients powerlifting and 1 rep maxes are pointless and just a way show off.

    Now this kind of pisses me off seeing a bunch of clueless high school kids are throwing their hard earned money down the toilet, and this scumbag is clearly taking advantage of that but most of them are douche bags anyway so I just continue with my training with silence. Since we (the bodybuilder guy and I) have been seeing each other for a while, he knows that my training revolves around bench, squat, and deadlift. Because he knows that his scam is not going to work on me, he never talks to me (he only talks to his clients and to people he wants to scam). But today, as I'm finishing my last set of speed bench, he tries to spark a conversation and this is when it gets really funny.

    BBer: So, you follow Louie Simmons' training?
    Me: I wouldn't say I follow his method since I don't train at his gym, but I do read his articles and try to utilize some of his methods.
    (*he then starts laughing out loud and shakes his head as if I'm clueless*)
    Me: What's so funny
    BBer: Louie Simmons, everybody thinks he is the guru of powerlifting but his knowledge is very limited. He doesn't really know what he is talking about, and his method is not a good way to increase your strength level. Especially the chains and bands that he talks about... they are no good.
    (*then he blows a raspberry and puts his thumb down*)

    At this point I'm thinking wtf is this guy talking about. Then he says, "forget Louie Simmons. I'm not saying he is bad, but you need to subscribe to Milo magazine instead of reading Simmons' articles. That magazine has everything you'll ever need." Before he leaves, he takes out a sheet of paper and writes down "Dr. Ken Leistner" and tells me to read some of his stuff. According to him, he is the guru of strength training and he almost makes Louie Simmons look as if he is some sort of poser.

    It's pretty long, hope I didn't bore you to death. I just don't understand the mentality of those who feel the need to give bs advice to mess with other people's head, and put them down whenever they see them doing something right.
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