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Thread: carry over from shirted benching to raw benching?

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    carry over from shirted benching to raw benching?

    I have a titan f6 with the back cut in half that's somewhat loose on me. To give an idea, I can probably touch 315lb with it if I tried and I was a very close 400lb bencher with a legit shirt. My raw is at 305lb at the moment. Would I get any carry over to my raw benching if I trained with this shirt touching to chest or off 1-2 board? I would have the training as an overload session for the feel of weight and top half work.
    *sigh*, I miss benching in a shirt (crazy looks, props, and PR's)
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    That's an interesting question I'll leave to someone like Travis, Vin, Paul or Rob to answer.

    However, I will say this. I have noticed with my raw stuff, touching similar to the same place as I touch in my shirt I have noticed carryover to my shirted bench. I touch roughly at the same place on boards and what not whether I'm shirtless or have a shirt on.
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    A lot of this will depend on what your weak points are with raw benching.

    If you stall right off the chest ( like me), using a shirt will compensate for this weak point and not allow it to get much stronger.

    If you feel your weaknes is the ability to control heavier weights or lockout at the top then I think using the shirt could benefit your raw bench.

    Maybe give a little more info about your strengths and weaknesses; where you miss, etc.

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