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Thread: Am I doing too much chest? Couple other Qs.

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    Am I doing too much chest? Couple other Qs.

    I started lifting about 7 weeks ago and I am hooked.

    I have a hard time judging exactly where I am at because I am at a drug rehab coming off iv heroin and I have gone from 164-197 in 2 months (which isnt abnormal), but Ive never had muscle like this even when I was healthy so I am very happy with the gains I have seen so far on the schedule I am on. I dont really have any direction on what to do, me and another guy do this routine all week and we're the only ones who lift and are both new to lifting. Im on a weekend pass from the place and I was doing some reading up and from what Ive seen we are totally overworking our bodies. this is our schedule:

    2x8 165lb barbell bench press
    2x8 155 barbell bench press
    3x10-12 40lb flat dumbell press
    3x10-12 40lb flat incline press
    3x10-12 40lb champagnes flat (on ur back on flat bench, dumbells opposite direction of normal press, dumbbells pressed together with side closest to your head elevated)
    3x10-12 35lb chapagnes incline (if able, usually not able to as this is the last exercise and i am dead at this point)
    4x10-15 tri pulldowns
    3x10-15 tri extensions? (bent over straighten out arm behind you)

    lat pulldowns
    shoulder press
    schwarzeneggar press
    seated cable rows
    seated machine rows
    dumbell rows (50 lbers, hand on bench pull weight to ur chest)

    21s barbell
    burnout curls (30lbers to fail, 20lbers to fail, 10lbers to fail) 3 sets regular grip curls and 3 sets hammer curls

    thur- chest/tris/legs (just squats and calf raises)

    fri- back/shoulders

    sat- bis

    sun- off (cardio)

    from what ive read this is too much. we have a smith machine, bench press set, an adjustable bench, and a row machine, and dumbbells up to 70lb.

    can anyone tweak this for me, so for the next 6-8 weeks I have a new routine to do before I get out and can hit a real gym. im worried that if i keep this up the over exertion will injure me or stop my gains.

    also, and i know this is probably a stupid question, but we dont have a whole lot of choice on what to eat there. breakfast i always get my eggs and drink a protein shake, but is whey protein alone enough to substitute for a snack in between our 3 meals daily? only other options i have are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or frosted flake/frosted mini wheat/granola cereal.

    thanks anyone that can help. lifting weights has been a huge help in replacing my bad habits with good ones and getting my body back.

    btw i am on anabolic pump, lipo 6 black, and whey protein (been on AP for a week and a half, lipo for only 3 days, and whey for almost 7 weeks). i just turned 20 yesterday and am 5'10-11 197lb
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    First, very good life choice. It's refreshing to hear that weightlifting can help someone get through something that hard. This is your first post, so I'll be the first to tell you we are a pretty close community here, and are very willing to help anyone with questions. Glad to see you started by reading then asking questions!

    Ok, your routine is pretty terrible and has way way way too much volume. Start by google searching "starting strength", and getting their premade routine. Or look into Madcow 5x5 or Ripptoe's routine. You don't need a whole day to biceps. You need to train your legs more. Really, the routine you posted isn't salvagable.

    How tall are you? Gaining 33 pounds in two months is damn impressive, but I'm sure you gained a significant amount of fat with that (unless you are like 6'5"). Shoot for 1gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you're gaining weight, protein intake isn't as important as it's made out to be.

    Why take Lipo 6? You trying to lose weight? Fat burners are really expensive and aren't all that effective, so I'd finish what you have and not buy anymore (if your goal is weight loss). If your goal isn't weight loss, I'd just discontinue using it.

    For sure, you need to add deadlifts to your routine. All that will be covered in starting strength.

    Again, good job on making a turnaround!!! Also the irony in the first sentence of your post made me laugh. Maybe this new addiction will lead you to better places.
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    im 5'11 and the 33 lbs ive gained have been i guess 80% muscle. i came into the treatment place and after a week i was 164lbs.

    im not fat but i got love handles and a slight belly. my ribs were sticking out tho and my shoulder blades were really noticably sticking out before i went in, now, my upper body especially my arms/chest are deff a 10000x improvement.

    i know from what ive read that fat loss/bulking are 2 totally different types of routines so i guess by taking the lipo and AP i was ignorantly trying to do 2 things at once. ill finish off the bottle in the next 2 weeks and do a lot of cardio with it and then discontinue it, getting the most fat burn i can out of it.

    i dont really know what my goal is at this point. ive gone from zero muscle and poking out stomache to a poking out stomach and love handles with enough muscle to make me want more. since its summertime id really rather cut off this fat and work on my foundation.

    i worry about adding deadlifts in because i dont have anyone to look at my form and i dont want to hurt myself or waste energy. ill watch some videos on the net to try to learn and start with light-moderate weight when i get back and then once i get in a gym when i get out ill step it up. that'll give me time to get my form down.

    ive seen some people talking about starting strength so ill check that out.

    thanks a lot

    i gotta go back tomorrow afternoon so ill be checking this up until then. when i get out ill give an update. thanks!

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    As mentioned above, Starting Strength has a pretty good foundation especially if you're just starting out. If you get the book it has pretty in-depth descriptions (pictures) of the exercises so you could learn proper form and not worry about hurting yourself, its a very good read with a very good routine.
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