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Thread: Homemade Equipment Directory

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    Homemade Equipment Directory

    I know that Sensei has a thread with a great DYI link, but I thought I'd post this up too.

    Joe Hashey is a Diesel Crew guy and has his own website as well... he sent this out in the weekly newsletter..

    He linked up a great list of homemade implements and has it open for suggestions too to build that list... thought it would be a good reference for people to bookmark and build up too

    I really like the GHR platform idea... wonder if this couldn't be modified for the homemade lifting platform as an add on...

    Anyway, I'm starting to gather ideas to make my home gym in the new house so sorry if this link proves repetitive to anyone

    P.S. guys have some great stuff they've built and posted here that would be awesome to share with others!
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    cool post!
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    Awesome stuff. I was looking for something like this
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    Oh man, that GHR board with the angled foot backer looks great. Always tried to find good stuff around the house to anchor, but nothing is ever heavy enough
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    Thanks for posting that up. I've been getting some good reader submissions to add (perhaps via this post), and I appreciate it.

    Good luck in your training!

    Joe Hashey, CSCS

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