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Thread: Simply training hard..?

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    Simply training hard..?

    What's going on guys, this is a topic that is simply for discussion, not for everyone to flame each other for their outlook on bodybuilding/weightlifting.

    I was thinking about it the other day, and was trying to understand the true point behind all these different workout plans/regiments people try to incorporate to insure they train with "the best" workout. But does all that really matter? If you train for a good hour to hour and half, do solid workouts, and really train your muscle as hard as you can that should be as good as it gets. I understand certain workouts are a little better for sculpting the muscle, but how much of a difference can that really prove? Training your muscles as hard as you can for the day should suffice enough. What do you all think?

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    theres a big difference between training your muscles properly and training your muscles hard... keep reading from the site and you will learn the differences
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    Pick a goal or a 'destination' if you will. Decide on the best route and stick to it. Put in 100% effort and you will get there. If you dont apply the effort, you are just kidding yourself. Any routine is only as useful as the effort applied. Im sure others will pipe in with several anecdotes regarding effort and the routine but this is true.
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