I have been training solid for 5 years now after a layoff . It has been 6 years total but I had another 1 year layoff due to Bicep injury. I had a thread about that back when. Ive been lurking here and there for awhile but dieting and lifting as well.

Im 43 now, 5'2" 138 lbs
Im in my 7th week of the HST training program. Gains are slow and may have stopped. Hard to tell. Im eating clean now. Up untill several months ago, I was not eating clean. Eating clean has caused a noticable drop in belly fat. I have been able to see vascularity in my delts, arms, chest for a while. Now I can see some vascularity in my low obliques and they are starting to stand out some as well. Still dont see the abs. When I flex them, I think they are there, but theres still too much looseness and flab there to allow them to show.

My issue now is do I continue to cut, or ease up and look at doing a clean bulk for a bit. At 138 and an estimated 15%, im afraid that if I continue a cutting process, I will end up being a sickly looking 125lbs.

The goals as I know them: I want to be symmetrical for my height. I want to have the size that is talked about as being symmetrical for my height and frame size based upon ideas that the greeks had and Steeve Reeves had a formula for this as well. I read about this on another website.

Heres some stats on my progression so far. The only ref. point I have with measurments is after I lost the first initial weight and at the time that I injured my bicep.
Height 5'2" legs a little short for my torso

Date weight neck chest waist bicep forearm thigh calf wrist
11/2003 205 46+
11/2004 150 (had bf measured via caliper at free health screening to be 16%)
10/2006 165 15 40 42 14 12 6.5
7/2008 150 39 38 14.5 11.5 22.5
11/2008 142 14.5 39 36 14.5 12
3/2009 138 14 38 36 14 12 21 14 6.5
4/2009 138 14 38 35.5 14 12 21 14 6.5
5/18/09 137 14.5 38 35 14 12 22 14 6.5

As far as food and nutrition goes, I had not been eating real clean in the past, but in the past 3 months I have ate very clean. So far my avg. macros are as such:
1600 calories
protien 163g 41%
carb 144g 34%
fat 46g 25%

Update: Cal too low. Lost 2lb in a week. Bumped up to about 1800 cal to maintain. To do this, I added an oatmeal or cheereos at breakfast and olive oil throughout the day.

Sample diet is as follows:

Breakfast: 1/2 scoop creatine in water (body fortress with dextrose) 2 whole wheat toast with peanut butter or 1 egg fried with grits and whole wheat toast.
Sometimes I will cook 5 oz of chicken breast with onion , peppers and tomato.

Morning snack: 3oz chicken breast, 1/4 cup new potato, 1/4 cup brocilie

lunch: same as morning snack or 1 can tuna with the veggies.

afternoon snack: same as morning snack

late afternoon snack: (optional) may be same as morning snack, or may be a protien shake in water, or may be almonds or a banana.

Dinner: 4 to 5 oz chicken breast, salmon, steak, pork chop, roast, ground beef. I will have brocillie or green beans or squash and will also have a little pasta or rice or potato.

After workout snack: Strawberry and banana protien shake with 1/2 scoop creatine (body fortress that has dextrose right now.)

I cook a lot with olive oil if oil is used. I pan fry eggs and chicken with it. Saute beans and other veggies with it as well.

Im at 14 to 15% @ 136lb now. Goal was 9%. Should I keep cutting or start to move to a clean slow bulk?