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Thread: work in progress photos. any thoughts??

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    work in progress photos. any thoughts??

    My legs are definitely not very big... yet. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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    you're upper body is well built, it looks like your lats and traps would be your weak point. how's your deadlift in relation to the rest of your lifts? what do you do for your back? Otherwise, looking solid.
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    Lookin solid brother. GO SIOUX!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cards View Post
    you're upper body is well built, it looks like your lats and traps would be your weak point. how's your deadlift in relation to the rest of your lifts? what do you do for your back? Otherwise, looking solid.
    I just maxed 500lbs with dead lift. Ah yeah I should probly list my statistics.
    Height - 6' 1''
    Weight - 205 lbs.
    Flat Bench barbell - 275 lbsX10, 285X8, 295X6 305X4 (Max 365)
    Incline Bench barbell - 205 lbsX10, 215X8, 225X6, 235X4
    Decline barbell- 300lbsX10, 310X8, 320X6, 330X6.
    Back -
    Dead lift (max) - 500lbs.
    Seated cable row - 260 lbsX10, 270X8, 280X6, 290X4
    Lat Pull down - 220 lbsX10, 230X8, 240X6, 250X4
    Legs -
    Squat (max) - 385 lbs
    Squat Reps - 275 lbs X10, 285X8, 295X6, 305X4

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    not bad

    Your back pose looked pretty decent to me. your lats flaired and it made your waist look smaller giving you a good v taper, I didnt see that from the front though. I think it is learning how to pose from the front to create the same effect. I think from what little I saw of them your calves could use some work. My training partner and I work them twice a week hard so it can be done. Good luck and keep up the good work

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    Looking solid mate. Keep smashing weights.
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    Very solid and strong lifts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Pilot View Post
    Lookin solid brother. GO SIOUX!


    Sioux suck, go Bison!
    ...she looked so much cuter with something in her mouth...

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    upper body is solid, as u said your only weak spot are those legs, id just prescribe a large dosage of squats, front squats and lunge work, but other than that ur pretty solid
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    dude this is so freaky. you look exactly like me (the face that is) in the first picture. when I ever put up my progress pics, we can compare them. I even asked my bro about this and he agreed lol. but anyway it's clear that your efforts have already begun to pay off and you're looking pretty buff already.
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    Lookin thick man! I agree with Corey about the wheels. Front squats, 20rep squats and RDLs have done alot for my leg development and I recommend those, but besides that good work.
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