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Thread: A fw bulking questions. (non-diet related)

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    A fw bulking questions. (non-diet related)

    Hi folks. Hope someone out there can really help me out. I'll try and get right to it, eh?
    I want to bulk. My diet is in order.
    I train at home. Having 2 kids, a mortgage and only a part-time job prevents me from joining a gym.
    However, I have a bench press bar, EZ curl bar, adjustable dumbells, squat rack, chinup bar, leg extention/curl, inclinable bench and 300lb of weights that will fit on the bench bar etc. I have no cable equipment.
    This should be adequate for me to bulk with right? I mean, free weights are the weigh (pun) to go I feel...

    Would a 2on/1off program work? eg:

    MON chest/tris
    TUES back/bis
    WED off or cardio
    THURS legs/abs
    FRI shoulders/forearms/traps
    SAT off or cardio
    SUN repeat the cycle again

    Obviously, the big 3 will be included. (Bench, squat, deads)

    If, for examples sake I do inc. bench, flat bench and flyes, what sort of exercises should I perform for tris? skullcrushers, french press etc? and how many sets so I dont overwork them, as they have already been used in the chest exercises? Same question applies for the other major exercises.
    I'm sorry for asking for so much help, but you people are way more knowledgable than me, and I havent got anyone else to turn to for advice...

    If 6 to 12 reps are best for hypertrophy, then how would I go performing in the 6 to 8 rep range with heavy weights?

    Lastly(finally, I hear you say), where do I fit in the deadlifts? I am at a total loss on this one...

    Cheers to you all and I really appreciate all help given.
    Happy lifting everyone!!!


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    Get rid of traps, forearms, bi's, and legs. Substitue with Squat, Deads, and Squat. Throw in a few sets of bi's if you want somewhere in there, but your bent over rows or chin ups will get them good enough.
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