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Thread: Cardio for cutting

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    Cardio for cutting

    I have a quick question on cardio for you guys. As a long time bulker, I'm now faced with an upcoming beach season, and that means dropping some bodyfat.

    I'm pretty good on diet info, but cardio is kind of a mystery. It appears that there are two schools of thought: a)Long (relatively, let's not get out of control), slow cardio burns fat and spares muscle, or b)High intensity cardio/interval burns calories faster, and it doesn't matter as long as the calories are burnt. My question is, what do you guys think/what has worked for you Which is the best for maintaining my mass, but still cutting?

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    I do 30 min @ 140-150 BPM.
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    I prefer intervals.

    You can make them progressive, you can make them fun, and they don't take long.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I just started doing intervals where as before I was doing 30 minutes of fast treadmill walking. Intervals are more fun, less mind numbing and seem to be working faster for losing fat.

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    Intervals are a lot more interesting than the conventional low intensity cardio we've had stuffed down our throats for years.

    High intensity training (intervals) causes release of GH the best fat burning hormone your body makes - low intensity does not.

    Also intervals cause an oxygen debt that continues after you stop the exercise, the increased oxygen debt burns more calories at rest.

    The only BUT is that it seems your body adapts to either form of cardio so it is best to switch over from one to the other after a few weeks to keep the body from getting into a rut.

    I'm currently combining both!

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    Excuse my newbieness...intervals would be...?
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    ive started doing 15-20 minutes of conditioning (sprints, stairmaster, incline treadmill or stationary bike) or 2 miles running a debating on whether to run in the morning or do what ive been doin which is run after lifting


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