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Thread: how do i get started in strongman??

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    how do i get started in strongman??

    hey im 18 years old and i have a loooot of interest in getting started in strongman. im 280 lbs i can bench 405 squat 6 plates and dead lift the same. im from minnesota and have no idea on finding strongmen events near where i live and would really appreciate help with either people knowing of competitions of maybe a website with upcoming events. thanks for the help

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    Ben Moore and Tom Mutaffis from this site are both into strongman. You could try shooting one of them a PM.
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    Here is a website with all of the NAS (North American Strongman) events listed:

    You can Email Dione Wessels to find out who the Minnesota State Chairman is, and they would be able to tell you if there are any training crews near you or gyms that might have strongman equipment. Her email is

    There are a few articles on here about strongman training and if you need help with anything specific just let me know.
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