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    A Dutchie's Journey Towards Strength

    First of all, a bit of background information. I was born in The Netherlands and i am now 22 years old, 6" 1 and 220 lbs. I have had this weight for a long period of time (since i was 15, give or take). When i was 17 i decided i was done being that heavy and i dropped 55 lbs. It all slowly came back on when i went to university. I have never done any real weightlifting or sports, except for the occassional game of squash.

    In January of this year i moved to Australia to attend university there and i decided it was time for me to change. I started working out, without any knowledge thinking i would be big within a week. How wrong i was.

    I am now four weeks into Starting Strength after being directed to that program by Nockits. It has become pretty clear that i am incredibly weak for my weight. I see guys half my weight lift double the amount of weights i am. It is pretty frustrating sometimes, but i keep trying. Maybe i am just being a little bitch, so i really need to get a grip.

    I decided to start a journal so i can keep an eye on my progress and to maybe get some help from you guys who have already helped me so much. So, here it goes.

    Today was workout B of the program so i started with

    3x5x55kg <-- i was really tired after doing these


    3x5x25kg <-- failed on the first set after 3 reps, second set after 2, third after 1. Third time i am doing this weight and it just does not seem to get stronger.

    I have been doing the row instead of the power clean because i read that without a coach it would be really difficult to get proper form down. However, with trying to be less of a little bitch i tried to do the power clean today. Not sure what the reps were at first (trying to nail the form) but i am sure i did the following:

    Was not able to do my chins because 4 people were hogging the assisted machine and i cant do them by BW alone. First week of doing dips and chins btw.

    Diet: 3300 Kcals, 294 grams of protein.
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