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Really? I was RPing them with no issues. Maybe I am just good at them or something. I guess I can consider myself advanced since I can do 3 reps with 80 pounds hanging off my 230 pound body. I just love neutral grips...I do a slow negative on the way down and it feels like my lats are going to explode. Never have I gotten this feeling from lat pussydowns. I can see how the heavier BBers prefer rack chins instead though. I still don't get how that movement works though...I felt nothing in my lats.
I had no issues with RPing them on the HCT-12 template, but trying to get an increase from 4-6 reps or from 6-8 reps was a bitch and not consistent at all when straight setting. I'm not a huge RPing fan outside the context of DC.

It's a good exercise and I felt it, but progression=results for me so if I don't see progression consistently I drop a bitch. Simple as that. . They also seemed to bother my elbows somewhat the last time I did them, but that was also likely due to the elbow issues I was having from squats.

I prefer lat pulldowns.