I've been having some major problems with lethargy and staying motivated. I shored up my nutrition split. It was way off. I'm currently still at a deficit (2600 cals), and am planning on cutting down to 8-10 BF%.

I want to focus on fixing up my WO towards these goals: strength, endurance, and diversity, but also efficiency.

Current WO:

5 day split: M-T-Th-Fr-Sa

Warm up: Abs, dynamic stretching, and a 8 min. mile per WO

Weights: 1 body part per WO for 1-2 sets, 8-12 reps towards failure, but rarely to it


SS: 30 Mins eliptical on M-Sa

GPP Circuit: 20-30 mins on T-Fr

Jump Rope: 20-30 mins on Th

I love the running, jump rope, and GPP circuit, but I feel I'm doing too much, and am unsure how to stagger these things for them all to be incorporated.