for free as part of my membership. I told him im bulking and want muscle, im 6' 180 and I want to be a more bulky frame, maybe 195. I told him my routine which I just started from S/S...squats, deadlift, bench, chins, push ups, etc and the guy told me to stop squating and deadlifting since they are dangerous. I've been reading a lot on here and I starting squating and deadlifting 2 weeks ago after reading s/s and some threads on here because I need the lower body mass gain mostly. I told the guy to show me squat and D/L technique because my legs and lower back have been killing me the past week. Is this because I'm new to the exercise or because I'm doing them wrong? He didn't seem to be too excited to discuss that with me. Thoughts?

He wants me to do 'Cross Training' witch is according to him is like 3 or 4 exercises (bench, push ups, chins, leg work) of around 10-12 reps with no rest in between and a 3 minute break after all 4 sets. Repeat 3 times and then 3 more sets of a tri/bi/shoulder/back exercise at 10-12 reps with 3 min rest in between each round of those 4 exercises, no rest in between exercises again.

I can't see this routine bulking me up more than cutting the little fat I have developing around my gut. Is this going to get me bulk as well? I hate to say it but I wasn't impressed by this guy too much.