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Thread: Protein Shake Recipe...

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    Protein Shake Recipe...

    I wanted to share this with you guys cause I get a lot from this forum.

    Last night, I had a simple yet delicious and nutritious protein shake.

    3 cups milk
    1 tbsp peanut butter
    3 scoops Opticen
    1 Banana

    I guess the bigger guys can add more solid things, but add more milk for more solids. It was so smooth. No foam. No bloating. No thick chewy shake. It was like flavored milk almost. Everything blended perfectly. Just make sure you let it blend for like 20-30 seconds. Count those seconds. Let it sit for like half a minute. Its about 900 calories and has 67 grams of protein.

    Edit: oops... wrong section of the forum. my bad.
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    Needs more banana and peanut butter imo. I put that much in a onescoop, 250ml cup milk shake :P
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