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Thread: Lockout Strength for Deadlifts

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    Lockout Strength for Deadlifts

    I was wondering does the Strength for locking out heavy weight in the Deadlift come from your back muscles,like Lats or is it more of a hip Strength kinda thing.Reason i ask is okay my squat is Lower than my deadlift.I feel as though i can pull almost anything off the ground but then when i get it past my knees i stall and have to hitch on a max weight.

    So if it is Hips for instance then maybe i can figure out the exercises i need to do to strengthen up my weakspots for the lockout.So i thought that since my squats arent near my deadlift then maybe thats whats giving me a hard time locking weight out,because then my quads and hips might not be strong enough to push through to lockout.
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