Here are my numbers:

I'm 6'1'' 148lbs and I bench 175 @ 3 sets X 5, my 1RM at squat is probably around 350-360, but I do 3 sets of 7 at 300. I do lunges at 160 (3X5), standing military press at 130 (3X5), powercleans at 160 (3X5). I do about 100 pushups per set and about 30 pullups.

My military press has continued to grow, as have all my leg/core exercises, but it seems my bench gains are moving like a snail and over the last month I have had to work my way slowly back up to 175 (I actually had a strength loss on the bench, it droped down to 155). My weight has been pretty static over the last 2 months, but I gained about 20lbs in the 3 months preceding that.

How important is weight gain to gaining strength? Can anyone recommend something to supplement my bench with to get that weight up faster?