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Thread: How would you respond to this?

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    How would you respond to this?

    So today was my last day of weight training class at school, and I was doing the "B" workout of SS, doing presses. On the other side of the power rack were two kids from my group doing barbell behind the back wrist curls. The wrist curls became an epidemic in my WT class...every squat tower has kids doing wrist curls, because the football coach put it on the summer training program (the same program that doesn't include dead lifts), and I guess the general consensus was "Hey if the football kids are doing, I should too!"

    Anyway, I had just finished my second set of presses, and this kid said to me
    "What lift are you doing? Its not on our program" They gave us a program to follow, which is just awful, that is similar to the football program.
    I told him shoulder presses...he said "Oh. You should do wrist curls with us! You can really feel the burn in your forearms!" He proceeded to do his wrist curls with a 55lb barbell. I watched him grunt, grab and flex his forearms, and smile.
    I asked him why he did them...what good do they do. He said "they work your forearms. Why do you do shoulder presses? They work your shoulders, its just a lift. The curls work your forearms, its also just a lift." And proceeded to do another set of curls.
    After this set, and after I was finished with my presses, he said "It also improves grip strength. They make your arms stronger."
    I said he should deadlift if he wants strong arms and grip strength (he has seen me deadlifting before, and told me it was hard on my back...), and he said theyre hyperextending your back muscles . (This is the same kid I talked about a long time ago who said squatting low is bad for your knees, but quarter squats 315 and calls it a rep...*sigh*. He likes to say 'hyperextending' for a pussy excuse to not do lifts right)

    By this time, I just stopped talking to him, and did my other lifts.
    I was just curious how you guys would respond to this kid, I got frustrated and didnt really want to argue, and just did my lifts how I wanted...I really didnt know what to say though!

    Sorry for this rant, It just was an interesting last workout before summer.
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    I probably would've indicated that I press in order to have a strong press--not to work my shoulders--and left it at that. He wouldn't have understood, and your obligation ends there anyway.

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    Just ignore him and carry on with your progress. You're going to bump into many people like that.
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    "Alright man, do whatever the **** you want." Is what I would have said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skalami View Post
    I just give the worked on muscle group tough riddles before my workouts... or sometimes I'll tell them we're going to the park and then go to the gym, or visa versa. They start to catch on so you have to tell the truth every so often.
    *While on the topic of muscle confusion, and how often a routine needs to be changed.*

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    For me, it's usually the skinny, weak guys that tell me I'm doing it wrong or ask why. My reply is I could do the lifts that you do, but then I'd be skinny and weak, too.
    Just ignore him.
    Wrist curls have their place, but deads will do more for grip strength, as well as overall strength than wrist curls will.
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    haha, the fun response would have been....."wrist curls have their place, but its not in a workout.......its at home when my girlfriend is grounded"

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