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Thread: A few questions regarding losing weight and gaining muscle

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    A few questions regarding losing weight and gaining muscle

    I'm new to body building, so I'm about to newb it up.

    Basically what I'm trying to do right now, mainly, is lose weight. I'm trying to get most of the fat off my body, which isn't too much more. I'm 6'3, 185, but I don't have much muscle. I think the last time I benched I could only do 140, something like that. So obviously I want to improve on this, but getting all the fat off me has been my goal for the past two years, and I've already lost 55 pounds. Anyways, I'm wondering if its possible to gain muscle at the same time as losing weight; because if I'm understanding correctly, to lose weight you need to eat less calories (duh) and to gain muscle you need more calories.

    Yeah... I'm just a little confused.


    EDIT: I read through some other threads and I've read that it's very hard to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. I really want the fat off me, so would it be good to just focus on that first before I go for the muscle mass? And it wouldn't hurt to lift while losing fat anyways right; as in I wont gain as much muscle while losing weight but it still wouldn't hurt?

    EDIT: another question..... I want to gain toned muscle, i dont want just mass, i want very toned defined strong muscles. what is the best way to go about this?
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