Hey guys, im Benno and new to this site. Ive been doing weight lifting for about 2 years now so pretty much know all the basics. For majority of my time ive done mainly a 5 Bodypart split program meaning i would train 5 days a week:


I really want to ramp up results quickly and a few people have recommend the Baby Got Back Routine. I must say i really like the look of this program. Im very serious with my training and would love to compete within the next year or so.. My eating is very clean, at the most i will have 1 cheat day per week thats if i feel like it. Im roughly about 190lbs at 6ft and looking to clean bulk to over 200lbs.

If anyone has used this program could you please tell me how it went for you? How long did u continue doing the same routine? Did u change up the exercises every 3-4 weeks? Was the program worthwhile overall? Just stuff like this really, express yourself

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.. Just looking to try something different, but keep doing major compounds to add size and strength.

Thanks for your time!