I know most of you here are macho and lift heavy with bare hands (use chalk), but I'm not up to that point yet. After reading a few threads, for the fear of getting flamed, I'm going to toss away my harbinger gloves that I've been using for all these years - before you all tell me to go buy a matching purse I'll admit they did somewhat help me with callices and with dumbell exercises... especially with dumbells from slipping out of my hands.

Biggest issue I have is with grip (like during hammer curls, deadlifts, pullups etc.). Other issue I have is with my wrists. During incline dumbell presses, my wrist sometimes bends outwards and that ruins what should've been a perfectly good set.

I am not sure if what I need are wrist wraps (for dumbell presses, benchpressing) or wrist straps (for deadlifts, pullups, hammer curls). Do you recommend that I buy both and use them accordingly? Would it be weird and counter-productive if I use them both at the same time?