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Thread: Benno's Baby Got Back (BGB) Journal.

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    Benno's Baby Got Back (BGB) Journal.

    Hey lads. Thanks for viewing my journal all comments will be very appreciated! Looking to pack on big muscle size! A lot of people in the forums suggested this was a really good routine which gave good results! Here it is, pretty much the same as the one suggested except a couple of exercises.

    4 Day Split:

    Day 1: Horizontal push pull, calves, and abs


    Rack pulls 5◊5 (direct, hard, strength range)
    Bent-over rows 3◊8 (hypertrophy range)


    Flat bench 5◊5
    Incline dumbbell press 3◊8
    Incline cable flyes 3◊10-12

    Calves: (soleus) 3◊12-20 seated calf raises. Pause at the bottom

    Abs: 3 sets of 8-12, weighted

    Day 2: Quad dominant, hamstring accessory. Biceps.


    Squats 5◊5
    Leg press 3◊8


    Leg curls 3-4 sets of 12-20


    Standing EZ Barbell Curls 5◊5
    Seated alternating bicep curls 3◊8-12

    Day 3: Vertical push-pull, calves, abs


    Chins 5◊5
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 3◊8-12

    Bent Over Side Laterals 3x10
    Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 5◊5
    Standing side laterals 3◊8

    Calves: (gastrocs) standing calf raises, 3◊8-10

    Abs: 3 sets of 8-12, weighted

    Day 4: Hamstring dominant, quad accessory. Triceps.


    Romanian Deadlifts 5◊5
    High foot placement leg press 3◊8


    Seated leg extensions 3◊12-20


    Skullcrushers 5◊5
    Cable pressdowns 3◊8-12

    Wish me luck!
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