I have been lifting and doing cardio to get in shape for my summer vacation to the beach. My workout routine is
T/Th- shoulders/biceps/triceps/cardio

My main goal is to get rid of the fat that is blocking my abs, and i am starting to see an improvement. But when i started lifting i was 182 and now i am 172. That has been in about 1.5months i lost that.

Is that right? Is there a way for me to get back to 180 and still be burning fat so i lose body fat and not over all weight? Or am i gonna keep losing till my abs are visable, then i will have to build a lot more muscle mass to gain my weight back?

Also if you have any ideas on nutrition i would love to hear it.
I eat about 6-8 small meals/snacks a day i have 3 protien shakes, and i drink gallons upon gallons of water.

Thanks hope you can help me