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Thread: Time+Patience Plus Consistency

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    Congratulations Scott.

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    accuflex - LOLZZZZ!!!11one1!! SOEM PPL WORK THRE ARMZ!!!!11!! LETS KILL THEM111

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    Congrats! Best of luck with fatherhood.

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    Wow Scott, that is amazing news, congrats. How are things going now?

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    Congrats man. How old are your other two kids?
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    Getting back to the consistency in here!

    I think 4+ months has been long enough for me to avoid getting my thoughts and goals together.

    The family is doing great. We now have a family of 5. My wife and I now have a 7 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and the new baby girl. It's been a pretty damn awesome summer. I quit working my 2nd job July 1st, so I had 2 months of nothing to do with my summer vacation. I tried to take the kids around the city and stay busy.

    Now I'm back to school, and I miss summer; I liked not having any job responsibilities.

    Onto the whole working out thing. Here are my plans for the next upcoming 8-9 months.

    The plan is to enter into 2 contests this spring:

    INBF Buckeye Classic, Columbus, OH April 13th

    INBF Dayton Tri-State, May

    They should be a good 5 weeks apart from one another. I would really like to just enter into 2 contests as I have a better understanding of what to expect from both contests. I also would like to practice at hitting "peak week." I didn't hit my condition by a long shot at the contest in 2011. I had damn good conditioning in 2010, but I wasn't nearly packing enough mass.

    I would love to come into the next contest @ around 179-180 with a solid deal of conditioning. I'd like to keep a bit of mass as I'm looking to compete as a LHW, which goes up to the 190's.

    I am currently weighing in around 187 and I'm relatively lean. [IMG][/IMG]

    I've been dieting since July 1st. I started @ just over a BW of 200, and I am down to the 187. I haven't dropped any weight over the past 3 weeks but I've gotten leaner in the process.

    Starting in October I'm going to have a good 3 month period to hammer away and put on just a few more pounds, maybe no more than 200 while staying relatively lean throughout the process.

    I'm really looking forward to getting into these contests this year. My conditioning is going to be the biggest part I focus on. Starting in January I will have around 15 weeks to prep for the 1st show. I should just have to cruise into the 2nd show, so I may be able to come in with better condition.

    Gonna be a fun time.
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    Consistency is the key to success within this sport...

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    Congrats on your new baby girl!

    Great seeing the update and what you have planned - Good luck.

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