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    Time+Patience + a Bodybuilding Comp.

    I'm gonna get straight to the #'s...

    Early May

    Weight 223
    Waist 37"
    Chest 47"
    Legs 26 3/4"
    Arms 16 3/4"

    My BW has never been 205+, and this winter I went way over that. I didn't know I had it in me but I did get pretty sloppy with it. I cleaned up my diet in early May and my weight is currently around 210, I dropped a lot of water weight, but I'm still carrying a good amount of chub.

    I decided it's time for a change with my old journal and that I needed to create a new journal, one with CONSISTENCY.

    I have been on and off of these boards, and weightlifting, for a while. I was off for so long I couldn't access the password to my other account (Time + Patience) hence no spaces now.

    I spent a lot of time searching threads in the Diet+Nutrition and I have the most detailed diet and goals ever, thanks to; Severed Ties, Borris, Built, and a few others, whose comments and questions were great.

    Now for my new Goals; for October...

    Weight 193- BF under 7%
    Squats 385x8
    Deads 405x6
    Sumo's 475x5
    Flat BB 225x8

    My diet #'s will look like this...

    Workout Days

    Calories- 3,300
    Fats- 25%
    Carbs- 34%
    Protein- 41%

    Non-Workout Days

    Calories- 2,800
    Fats- 40%
    Carbs- 20%
    Protein- 40%

    **I am going to be incorporating Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil, and Fish Oil and Whey.

    Workout Schedule

    Day 1- Quads
    Day 2- Chest/Delts
    Day 3- Off
    Day 4- Back/Hams
    Day 5- Arms
    Day 6- Off
    Day 7- Repeat

    *I rarely focus on my Bi's and Tri's, so I am dedicating a day to them, to make sure I work them out.
    **I'll be splitting Quads and Hams. By working my Hams w/Back I'm hoping to give my Hammies a kick in the Ham.

    I'm going to post a couple pictures for the befores, then I'll post some afters; every month or maybe sooner if the progress is noticeable.

    Any comments, questions, or concerns, regarding my Diet, training, or anything else, please shoot me a message.
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    Consistency is the key to success within this sport...

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