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Thread: Best deadlift!

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    Jan 2008

    Best deadlift!

    Post up your best contest pull and pratice pull with bodyweight, both in and out of your suit. Part two of the question, what is your favorite DL suit?

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    contest 650, 705 was missed at lockout.

    training easy 700. not sure on lifts without suit

    favorite suit is so far an old centurion since it's easy to use, suit that gives the most to my lift when i do everything right is my velocity

    sorry and at an actual 198 bw
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    San Jose, CA
    Meet in suit:
    220 - 677
    242 - 710

    I don't really wear my deadlift suit in training. I also don't try a max deadlift raw. To max, I usually use deadlift variations like deficit deads, deads off boxes, deads against bands, deads against chains, reverse bands, etc.

    I wear a metal king pro and deadlift conventional.
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    Gym lift- 738 @ 220 (2009)
    Meet- 727 @ 217 (2009)

    Raw: 690 @210 (2006)

    I compete single ply and pull sumo, so I love the old Titan Centurion Dual Quad. I can have it altered any way I want depending on body weight and make it feel like a brand new suit.

    Used to pull in an Inzer z-suit but grew out of it.
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    Lakeland, Florida

    Both done at 242 in a METAL PRO King DL (conventional)

    Soon I will try the TITAN Velocity.
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    Best geared meet @ 242
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    Best raw meet w/sleeves @ 242
    665SQ, 440BP, 727DL and 1815 total
    Best raw meet w/sleeves @ 275
    700SQ, 452BP, 722DL and 1874 total

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    Apr 2009
    Gym-515 2009 313lbs
    Meet-611 310lbs 2008

    Sumo 2002 age 15 235lbs Raw
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    Conventional @ 198
    546 in Inzer Hardcore on Sat
    530 @ in gym (raw)

    Lifetime 600 @ 230 a few years ago (raw)

    I like deadlifting in a hardcore. I tried a Titan DL & didn't like it.
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    Holy **** there are some strong lifters here..

    I pulled 517lb the other day at around 190lbs.

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    500lbs deadlift raw without suit at 20lbs BW. This was in training. never used a suit and would never want to. Too much faffing around!

    Some very strong people in her definitely. Not only back strength, but grip strength too!
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    Barbell Military Press: 85kg (187lbs) Raw- 31.01.14
    Barbell Push Press: 100kg (220lbs) Raw- 31.01.14

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    Jun 2008
    Kenosha, WI
    Conventional (training only) - 545 Raw
    Sumo - 505 Raw, and 555 suit (in training)
    562 in suit (meet)

    Planning to work on my conventional DL and try to compete using that style to save my hips a little after squatting wide. Just need to work on getting down to the bar with gear on and my alligator arms.

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    Farmington, ME
    716 full meet @ 181

    670 no suit gym
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    Chicago, IL
    Best meet pulls:
    600 @ 220 w/ a single-ply Inzer Champion (a singlet basically lol)
    622.7 @ 220 (2 reds for windmill at top, but clean besides that)

    I'll be pulling in Metal Pro briefs my next meet, so we'll see if I can PR.
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    Great thread, I've always wondered how much a DL suit really helps, it appears that for some people, they are getting a good 30-40 pounds out of their suit. Very interesting. Curious as to if that is the norm?

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    Jul 2008
    Geared Meet Lifts
    725 @ 265
    670 @ 240

    Best Gym Lifts
    Suited: 661 (I dont really go full range in a suit very often)
    Raw: 585 x 5 reps, 595 x 4, 605 x 3

    I have only pulled in a Metal King Deadlifter
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    Jul 2008
    raw @ gym: 628lbs x 2
    meet: 661 @ 242 in metal king deadlifter

    Looking to pull close to 7 here @ 220 in the next few months.
    960/530/749 @ 242
    903/524/738 @ 220

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    Charlottesville, VA
    My best pull ever was a stiff-legged (from the floor) totally (no belt, suit etc.) 685 lbs. I had an injury to my quad and had to train around it. I am just now starting to get quad drive back into the equation, so we shall see.

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    Perth, Western Australia
    Best raw pull was 460 @ 190 sumo, Currently 360 @ 220 :/

    I pulled 415 @ 190 in a Inzer Champion squat suit, which was a 10lbs PR at the time. I hadn't been using gear that long, and never re attempted.

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    WA, USA
    435 @ 198. Never worn a suit.

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    So. Cal.
    I tried pulling in a suit, but just didn't care for it, same with squatting in a suit. I used the suit 8-10 times and just didn't care for it.
    Any way, 660 no suit, belt only - in training at 255. I've never competed.

    Sorry, I lied - I don't pull with a belt, it's too uncomfortable.
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    Give chalk a chance.

    49 years old

    665 squat
    700 deadlift
    325 bench

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    Jan 2009
    in the gym
    600 in a borrowed inzer suit back in 2001 @ 252lbs
    585 in gym raw back in 2001

    500 x 5 raw just a couple months ago. 260lbs

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    May 2009
    San Jose, CA
    conventional puller
    600 raw - 10/25/08 @ 275lbs
    622.5 suited - 1/23/09 @ 275lbs
    used a 56 Viking metal deadlifter single ply.

    been playing around with different suits and haven't gotten much out of them, i tend not get a good fit in them.

    I bought a titan velocity but haven't pulled in it yet as I do 99% of my deadlift training raw.

    pulled like 615 or something raw in training conventional,so if I ever do get a deadlift suit that works....yay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    My best pull ever was a stiff-legged (from the floor) totally (no belt, suit etc.) 685 lbs. I had an injury to my quad and had to train around it. I am just now starting to get quad drive back into the equation, so we shall see.
    god DAMN chris. From looking at a few of your pics I'm thinking its all the lat strength, or the RESULTS... XD

    551 in a meet a little while ago. that was a 20 lb all time PR. I'm going to try and beat this on monday... XD

    Never tried a suit. I'll get some gear one of these days, though not anytime soon.
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    Littleton, CO
    Best pull so far was 480 @158 lbs. Belt and chalk only and was a gym lift. Possibly competing in my first meet soon.
    32 yo - 5'6" - 170 lbs
    USAPL Meet PRs (Raw @154 lbs): 347 SQ, 242 BP, 507 DL, 1096 TOTAL
    Gym PRs: 370 SQ, 270 BP, 510 DL

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    Charlotte, NC
    Pulled 685 @ 210 lbs last year, 2nd time in a Metal King Pro Deadlifter (conventional). This one was ugly with a grinding hitch.

    Belt and straps hit 655 x 2 @ 220 lbs in the gym and 600 lbs x 5 touch and go @ 225 lbs.
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    Philadelphia, PA
    Best ever - 420 lbs. @ 200 lbs. in the gym. No belt or anything.
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