G'day Guys and Gals,

I realise we have a contest forum already but no one seems to visit in there and I think some challenges would be good fun for the community.
Some ideas for events:

Here are some of my ideas, maybe they could be combined to form a sort of triathlon like bearwolf and sensei had a while ago?

Max OHSQ or Max number of reps with %BW overhead squat.

Most weight snatched (or power snatched maybe) with one arm.

Highest box jump.

Most BW Squats (e.g. I would squat with 200lbs)

Funniest joke? (this could be decided by a set of judges or poll)

Coolest skill, like a party trick. (again decided by a set of judges or poll)

Longest hold of X amount of weight.
hold 405lbs for X seconds. (could be more, this is a lot of weight for me but probably not a lot of other members on the board :P) would only need to be lifted from high rack pull so simply a test of grip strength.
Largest amount of weight held for 30 seconds.